Government’s economic delegation

The President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor attended a formal visit to Jordan on December 4th following an invitation from King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, and visited Egypt on December 5th and 6th on account of the invitation of President el Sisi. President Pahor was accompanied by several representatives of Slovenian companies, among which were representatives of company NHZ and Bioglobal.

The visit of President Pahor to Jordan and Egypt represents the continuation of the tour of Middle Eastern countries that started recently in Iran. The focal political goal of the President’s brief tour is the solidification of friendly bonds with the Muslim world in our neighbourhood and renewed economic and similar collaboration.

These formal visits were important not only for political dialogue but also to strengthen economic collaboration - wherein there are numerous unexplored options for Slovenian companies. With this purpose in mind the President attended several business conferences in Aman and Cairo alongside the representatives of the aforementioned Slovenian companies. Among the current topics regarding foreign affairs, the conditions in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and Yemen, the Middle Eastern peace process, cooperation in the fight against terrorism, radicalisation, and forced migration made it to the forefront of the discussion.

In Aman the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor met with his host, King of Jordan Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein. He also met with the president of government Dr. Hani Mulki, president of senate Faisal Fayez, and the president of parliament Atef Tarawneh. During the formal visit the President of the Republic visited the largest refugee centre in Jordan, Za'atari, especially important in the light of the potential humanitarian aid given by Slovenia to Jordan.

In the Arab republic of Egypt the President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor was received by the host President Abdel Fattah el Sisi, president of government Sherif Ismail, and president of parliament Ali Abdel Aal. They also met with the members of the Egyptian council for continual development that unites influential economists and important figures of public life in Egypt.

During the formal visit in Egypt President Pahor attended the opening exhibit at the eminent gallery Hanager, dedicated to the renowned architect of Slovenian origin Anton Laščak. The architect left an impressive cultural heritage to Cairo and Alexandria.

President Pahor attended a business conference in Jordan at the Aman Chamber of Commerce and opened a business conference in Egypt, organised by the Association of Chambers of Commerce dedicated to the networking of Slovenian and Egyptian companies. We also had the opportunity to visit the building site of the Suez Canal presented to us by Dr. Ahmed Darwish.

The companies of NHZ and Bioglobal would like to express their appreciation to the government-economy delegation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Slovenian Embassy in Cairo for the impressive programme and business opportunities in Jordan and Egypt.