From left to right: Marjan Maučec, mag. posl. ved. (Secretary General), Mitja Bervar, mag. manag. (President of the National Council), Robert Celestina (Public Relations Officer), Ariana Debeljak (Head of Office of the President of the National Council), Nagib Ghawi, Abduelaziz Eshawish (President of P.I.B. Libya), Zahaf Essam (Head of the international cooperation office of the Libyan board for investment and privatisation of Libya)

At the invitation of the CEO of company NHZ, Dr. Asim Busch-Pusitsch, a delegation from Libya visited Slovenia. In addition to Dr. Busch-Pusitsch, they were received by the president of the National Council mag. Mitja Bervar. On the occasion he stated “the delegation from Libya displayed a very positive attitude in regard to the renewal of relations with the world and establishing contacts after the conditions in the country settled down. Considering our experience in collaborating with Libya in the past, when many Slovenian companies were already working there, I am certain that we will find proper ways for a successful collaboration.”