The Centre for Conducting International Business held a networking event, this time focused on the countries of the Western Balkans: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia.

Among the invited were the representatives of chambers of commerce and embassies of the countries in question, and businessmen that conduct their business internationally. The event was attended by eighty participants. Each was given a copy of the bilingual publication My Doctor in Europe, whose general sponsor was NHZ d.o.o.

The general director of the company NHZ, Dr Asim Busch-Pusitsch, and his co-workers met with the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Samo Hribar Milič, MSc, and presented to him an overview of the company’s activities. He emphasised that we are expanding the possibilities of business cooperation, especially in regards to the export of goods from the Western Balkans to the market of Kuwait and other surrounding countries. The international healthcare congress that is scheduled on the 11th of November was especially pointed out during the conversation.