From left to right: Robert Celestina, Marjan Maučec, Khaled Al Husaini, dr. Asim Busch–Pusitsch, Sheikh Talal Mohammad Sabah Soud Alsabah, Mitja Bervar, Msc, dr. Homoud Alanezi, dr. Mohammed al Farizi, Janez Podobnik

Slovenia was visited by Sheikh Al Talal Mohammad Al Sabah from Kuwait at the invitation of Doctor Asim Busch Pusitsch, the CEO of the company NHZ. He was also received by the President of the National Council Mitja Bervar who stated: ‘the delegation’s visit highlighted many opportunities for collaboration in areas such as politics, economy, healthcare, and education. It has been an honour to meet and talk with Sheikh Mohammad Al Sabah, and his delegation managed to create new bonds and reinforce opportunities for collaboration.’