On the 29th of June, an international meeting, held on the premises of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce, was attended by high-profile and honourable guests from Kuwait, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia.

At the invitation of the president of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce Dr Asim Busch – Pusitsch, the meeting was attended by members of the delegation of the National Assembly of Kuwait, president of which is Dr Jaaman Al Herbish, former Croatian president Stjepan Mesić, president of the National Council Mitja Bervar, MSc., who is also the president of honour of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce, the Albanian ambassador Pëllumb Qazimi, Dr Stanslav Raščan from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr Janez Podobnik, former president of the National Assembly, Prof Dr Enes Hasić from the Faculty of Law of the University of Zenica, notary Adem Jakupović and many others.

The meeting was dedicated to friendship between the countries and strengthening economic ties.

Dr Jaaman Al Herbish, member of the National Assembly: “I thank the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce and its president Dr Asim Busch Pusitsch for their invitation to Slovenia. I am thrilled because of the hospitality, kindness and beauties of Slovenia. It is an honour to meet so many high-profile and important people. I am convinced that Slovenia and Kuwait will cooperate very well in the future. “

Mitja Bervar, MSc., president of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia: “Today’s international meeting is filled with a spirit of friendship and huge possibilities that we can achieve together. This meeting was organised in support of the Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce. That is why I believe that our mutual relations will give very good results. It is a special honour to host such high-profile and honourable guests from Kuwait, with whom we have established friendly contacts, for which I am thankful. I am also very delighted because of the visit of the respected former Croatian president Mr Mesić and our friends from Bosnia and Hezegovina.”

Stjepan Mesić, the former president of the Republic of Croatia: “I believe that today’s multicultural meeting, which connects politics, economy and medicine, is a very good idea. Dr Busch has discovered a very good way of cooperation with Kuwait. Our former joint country Yugoslavia also used to have very good cooperation with Kuwait. “

Dr Stanislav Raščan, Department for Strategic Studies and Analyses, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: »Another visit of the Kuwaiti delegation is very positive for the relations between Slovenia and Kuwait. Connections between Slovenia and Kuwait existed as early as in the time of Yugoslavia, but those relations died down after the Slovenian independence. The Slovenian-Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce or the Kuwaiti-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce has helped a lot to re-establish these relations. Its foundation can be very helpful in the fields of economy, tourism, investment, education etc.”

Pëllumb Qazimi, Albanian ambassador in the Republic of Slovenia: “Cooperation between Slovenia, Albania and Kuwait is very welcome. We have already cooperated very well with Slovenia in the economic field. Kuwait is very welcome in Albania in the fields of investment, energy, infrastructure, medical tourism etc. Today’s meeting, which connects Alpe-Adria region and Kuwait, shows the right path. I am proud to be here today.”

Dr Janez Podobnik, former president of the National Assembly: “I am honoured to be invited in a company of such high-profile guests. Dr Busch strives for cooperation between the countries in all fields. My congratulations.”

Božo Dimnik, honorary consul of Croatia in Slovenia: “I have attended even bigger meetings abroad, even at the Queen Elisabeth royal court, but I have not expected organisation of such a nice meeting on such a high-level in Ljubljana. Dr Busch is a very competent manager to organise this meeting on such a high level.”