On 29th June 2016 President of the Republic of Slovenia Borut Pahor visited the University Rehabilitation Institute of the Republic of Slovenia – Soča (URI – Soča). The purpose of his visit was to get to know their work in greater detail. During his visit he also met with the employees and the patients.

Furthermore, he visited the Department for Rehabilitation of Children, made a short speech, dedicated to the little patients and gave copies of a children’s book Medvedek peče slovensko potico (Teddy bear is baking a cake) to children. The book was written by Tina Orter, the initiator of charity projects for children’s smiles.

Head of the Children’s Department, senior doctor Hermina Damjan, MD, introduced different fields of rehabilitation and work of experts, involved in the process of rehabilitation. The President was demonstrated work with state of the art devices which enable extra treatment possibilities.

The meeting was so relaxed and pleasant also because of the young patients who introduced the project Thoughts and Wishes of Slovenia, which was carried out at the Hospital School, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Slovenian independence. Musician Omar Naber and comedian and presenter Klemen Bučan also encouraged children’s smiles.

The My Doctor in Europe (Moj Doktor v Evropi) publication team also attended the reception. In the next issue we will reveal the warm-hearted words of the little patients about the President’s visit and their satisfaction with the therapies at URI Soča.